1)      Iíll talk to her next week, if possible.

2)      Have they talked to you yet?

3)      You shouldnít have any difficulty with her.

4)      Tell her that we are going out for dinner.

5)      They saw each other on the fourteenth

6)      I told her that I couldnít make it.

7)      He returned the books two weeks late.

8)      I asked them to send me the part by mail

9)      They told me they couldnít make it.

10)  I wont have time to see them.

11)  She told us that she didnít like him.

12)  She called her friends to complain about him.

13)  Ask him if he heard that song.

14)  Give her back the money you owe her.

15)  Is she going to make it there on her own.

16)  We can talk about that when we have the time.

17)  They wonít be taking you with them.

18)  It shouldnít cause you any problems.

19)  We will tell them that we are on abusiness trip.

20)  He will call you within the week.

21)  They made an appointement for the fourteenth

22)  He gave her a wink as he gave her the money.

23)  I wonít be talking to him about it until tomorrow.

24)  She never asked me for that information.

25)  She told me that they were always fighting.

26)  He didnít give me his tomato plants like he promised.

27)  I asked them to clean the floor.

28)  They told me that they wouldnít be there.

29)  I am not sure if I will have time to answer them