Stop that!


Take me with you!


Donít touch it!




Take care of yourself!


Watch out!


Drive carefully!


Stop him!


Donít take any chances!


Meet me here tomorrow!


Get lost!


Donít be late!


Water the plants!


Sit-down! (vous)


Get down from there!


Give it to me!


Give me a minute!




Get changed!


Donít wait for me!


Donít listen to them!


Listen to that!


Donít stop!


Letís get to work!


Sit-down! (tu)


Donít give up!


Come back when you want! (vous)


Give me a break!


Donít worry about it!


Go to bed!


Be careful!


Letís go!


Check it out!


Come back here! (tu)


Letís not make any mistakes!




Tell them tomorrow!




Take him with you!


Cleanit up!