Heís changed a lot since he has been in a wheelchair


While you are at the dťpanneur could you grab me some milk.


Since youíve been working here, Iíve been losing money.


I have lost ten thousand dollars in two years.


Since when has she been living in Laval?


How long has he been gone?


I never drink coffee before sleeping.


I havenít thought about her since she left.


Hurry up! Weíre going to be late.


It hasnít rained for two weeks.


We havenít seen the sun since July.


It was taken while you were gone.


She doesnít have time for me anymore.


She met him while she was at the hospital.


Within a week they had all become sick.


Heís lost 30 pounds since he started the zone diet.


When he is with her, he forgets his friends.


Since you have known me, have I ever lied to you?


Since I have changed my schedule, I havenít had any more problems.


Donít talk to me while I am driving.


Since when have you had a moustache?


He hasnít been to the dentist since last year.


Now that you are a big boy, you have to buy your own toys.


Since when have you been a Montreal Canadiens Fan?


I have been driving a Lexus for the last 15 years.


Since the operation, he can almost walk normally


I havenít been to San Francisco since our honeymoon.


Heís been retired since Christmas.


In two days, it will be too late.


Itís been 18 years since theyíve won the cup.


Donít bother him while heís resting.


Itís been too long.