Since when has he been sick?


He studied French while he was in Belgium.


She dated him for three years.


She got hurt during the game.


They will beleaving during the night.


They arenít arriving before twelve.


Itís been a while since I have seen her.


This problem has been going on forever.


He died while he slept.


He drank beer while he watched the game.


She hasnít been late for two weeks.


Do you think you can comeback in 10 min.


After he took his medicine, he was better in half an hour.


Since he stopped eating pizza he lost ten pounds.


What have you done since I saw you last?


Heís been gone for an hour.


I havenít eaten sushi in two years.


Since you arrived, he hasnít been the same.


Since I have been watching Les Bougons my French has improved immensely


He left just before you arrived.


I havenít heard from them since Christmas.


I donít want to see her anymore.


He got sick during our trip.


I didnít hear anything while I was there.


He doesnít talk when sheís around.


Paulís been there for eight months.


Will you be coming over the holidays?


Heís been waiting for three months.


The phoneís been ringing all day.


Iíll see you in a couple of hours.


He made a thousand dollars in three hours.


She never travels by bike.