1. He got caught
2. I bought myself some food.
3. He hurt himself playing hockey.
4. They don't get along at all.
5. I have never introduced myself.
6. The girls took the wrong road.
7. She calmed down after an hour.
8. They warmed themselves up near the fire.
9. He laid down on the ground.
10. They rested in between games.
11. Something weird happened.
12. He became interested in politics in 1989.
13. He got himself elected in 1994.
14. He used to stroll along the river at night.
15. They fled from the scene.
16. She had an operation on her leg.
17. I am not going to by myself a car till next year.
18. The house crumpled under the weight of the snow.
19. He felt guilty about what he said.
20. They met for the first time in 1902.
21. She never apologized.
22. They got stranded between Dallas and Ft. Worth.
23. She was never bored in my class.
24. They didn't stop on time.
25. The bird flew off before he could move forward.
27. You have not improved since i last saw you.
28. They didn't speak to each other after the concert.
29. She sat at the back of the room.
30. The room emptied right after dinner.
31. He blew his nose all night.
32. They made their way to the front of the store.
33. He didn't notice the problem until it was too late.
34. They didn't call each other, but they should have.
35. You should find out.
36. She should sign up for the course.
37. He made a mistake again.
38. They left each other at six.
39. They fought all night.
40. They searched for each other in the crowd.
41. He hasn't found himself an apartment yet.
42. He didn't get up for the national anthem.
43. She dressed in black.
44. They got together at Bob's place.
45. She wiped off her face.
46. They don't love each other anymore.
47. They encouraged each other throughout the race.
48. They exchanged emails for a whole year.
49. I teased her a bit during class.
50. He found himself in hotwater.